Our Story

At Champ's Delicatessen, our mission is to restore a sense of nostalgia in our local community that pays homage to the artisan, boutique grocers and delicatessens of the past. Our philosophy is rooted in the careful selection of quality products deemed especial, which was inspired by years of intimate experiences in local butcher and deli shops, throughout Detroit and its' local communities. We then decided that the Eastern Market district would be a great location to offer fresh produce, niche grocery items, and uniquely prepared foods - handcrafted for your enjoyment. Our goal is to create the next generation of memories that mimic what we once experienced as children.

With the exception of items that MUST be imported to preserve quality or nature of origin, all of our products are Michigan based with many being birthed right here in Detroit. We look forward to serving you here at Champ's... "don't be a stranger!"

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